How to hire a good iPhone app developer

Hiring an experienced iOS developer for building an app from scratch is not an easy task. Different projects require different professional skills, so you have to be sure that a developer you hire is qualified enough to create the type of app you need.

What to look for when hiring a developer

The first thing you should do before you hire a good iPhone app developer is to define the job requirements. You need a professional with a decent portfolio, who knows the way around Objective-C and capable of doing object-oriented programming. In other words, the professional you’re looking for should know how to organize the code in a way that other developers could understand what has already been done to the project.

Skills of a good iPhone app developer

Ask the developer about his/her involvement in projects listed on his/her resume. Some apps require more than one developer to work on, so be sure that your professional has held mostly leading roles. If you need a person for a leading role in your app development, choose one that already has some experience in leading such projects.

How to find a good iPhone app developer

1) You need a professional who will be interested in the development and your business

Perfect developers should do their job properly as well as provide you with useful tips they learned while working on similar projects.

2) Take your time when looking at the portfolios of iOS app developer

Having excellent U/UX skills distinguishes good developers from bad ones. A professional’s portfolio will include applications with nicely done user interfaces.

3) Contact previous clients

If a developer is a pro, he/she will have a relatively big list of client contact information, so you’ll have no problem contacting people your candidate worked with.

4) Don’t choose a developer for the smallest price

Choosing a developer for your app based on a price quote is not a wise step. The smaller the investment, the less money it will bring you.

How to test an iPhone app developer

Here are three steps that will help you test and hire iOS app developers:
Ask to see mobile apps the developer has worked on
Any professional will gladly give you the list of applications he/she created together with links to them in App Store.
Ask about special features the candidate can add to your app
Every successful application should have some useful and innovative features. A good developer must be able to add GPS check-ins, social media sharing, or product coupon elements to your iPhone app.

Ask how the professional is going to test your product

Every professional developer can explain how he/she will beta test your app. Here you should also ask how the developer will fix the bugs if they are found.

The cost of hiring an iPhone app developer

The cost of hiring an iOS developer depends on the complexity of the app, experience of the developers, and a country they live in.


A good developer in the US, for example, will charge up to $140 per hour. At the same time, a professional developer in Ukraine or Russia will gladly do the same amount of work for $40-$50 per hour.


Depending on complexity, apps require a different amount of time to finish. For example, creating a simple app built using templates/drop down menus will take about 70-140 hours. A database-supported app with data stored on a server will require from 140 to 210 hours of work. An enterprise app with business integration (data stored on device + server) needs more than 210 hours to finish. And a single or multiplayer game app requires more about 420 hours.