The cost of developing an app for e-commerce website

Every customer wants to know how much it might cost to make an e-commerce app. They always look for high quality at low prices, no matter where they from – the USA, Germany, or Ukraine.

Mobile app development costs differently from country to country. This article will help you figure out how much you might give away for a new iPhone or Android app, and what will you pay for.

So why does your business need a mobile app anyway

It simplifies your interaction with customers

A mobile app will make you accessible to customers every minute. No users spend around 200 minutes on their mobile devices each day. An application allows them to interact with you anytime, and there’s no need for them to switch devices for it.

It engages your customers

The mobile channel allows you to engage with users in real-time for guiding them through every step to make a purchase.

It significantly increases the recognition of your brand

The more people use your application, the more likely they will buy from you. Showing them the icon of your brand for 200 minutes per day will help keep it fresh in their mind.

It’s an additional sales channel

Your app will allow customers to do the things they would normally on your website but with their mobile devices.

Factors that affects app development costs

The app development costs depend on a set of factors that are important for successful implementation of an idea, such as needed skills, the type of the product and its complexity, and post-release expenses.

App development team

A development team may be basic and extended; it depends on the project requirements. A basic team always includes a project manager, a quality assurance engineer, at least two programmers, and a UI/UX designer. If your application needs a backend infrastructure to develop an API, then the team also requires a backend developer.

Apart from the rest of the specialists mentioned above, an extended team includes an admin panel designer and 2-4 Android or iOS developers.

Costly app elements

The complexity of a product is obviously the major factor in counting app development costs. There are three main factors that affect the cost of your application:

1. Technical complexity

There are a lot of features that make a project technically complex. The most common ones are:

Third-party integrations

To work properly some apps need integration with third party frameworks, libraries, and services.

Admin panel development

An admin panel is a useful tool that makes operating apps and managing users and content a lot easier. But finding the right admin template may be hard. However, making a custom solution for your needs will be more efficient.

Backend development

A backend is an operating system for providing APIs to enable the exchange of data between an app and your database. It implements application’s business logic.

In-app purchases

There are different forms of in-app purchases to implement, so they often make a project technically complex.

Use of hardware components

Today’s smartphones are equipped with many hardware components such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, NFC, heart rate sensors, GPS, Bluetooth, barometers, and so on. But the hardware set of devices from different manufacturers may vary. So, testing the communication between different hardware components with software increases development cost.

2. Number of operating systems and devices

Ideally, any iOS app should be compatible with the latest and older versions of iPhone, same thing with iOS versions. But making the Android app is harder.

Today, a lot of devices run on Android, which means adapting the application for different resolutions, screen sizes, and hardware specifications. And it takes much more time.

3. Custom animations and designs

Custom user interfaces are pretty hard to implement. Their cost will be higher than the price of using the standard components.

Post-release expenses

The budget of an app development doesn’t only include the funds spent on the programming. Don’t forget about the money that should be invested into growing your product. Every app needs customer support, maintenance, updates, cloud hosting. Besides, application marketing and promotion should also be taken into account.

Costs of web design development for e-commerce app

App designing often requires a wide range of tasks: app icon and logo design, competitive audit, interaction design, mobile app interface design, user experience design, graphic design, and more.
Android and iOS mobile apps can be divided into two types: 1) native and 2) cross-platform. Let’s calculate the design development cost based on a $50/hour rate, as these are near-average prices. Here is what the costs would be:

1) A native app will take about 600 hours and starts at $30,000

Here we are talking about designing an app for only one particular platform. For example, you need to create three products: an app for customers, an app for delivery crews (for an online store) and an admin panel for delivery managers. For instance, the features of such app may include standard UI components, simple filters, map markers, and a feed list. A native app for users with order creation and map-based delivery tracking will take around 600-650 hours.

2) A cross-platform app with custom animations might take up to 800+ hours, and the price is $60,000 – $80,000

There are not as many cross-platform apps as native ones. The most of the mobile applications are native. The number of platforms here is the only largest factor that increases the cost. Also, such applications may include real-time chats, custom UI features, tablet and handset adaptation, payment features, and a simple backend server. The number of platforms and a variety of features make these projects complex.

Keep in mind that these estimates are approximate. The cost of a freelancer’s or studio’s work doesn’t only depend on location. Every design studio offers their individual approaches, specialists, and quality.