Binariks Honored with 5-Star Scores in Client Reviews

Last month, three Binarks clients were interviewed as part of research being conducting on top performing development agencies. We’re very happy to see that each of the clients that were independently interviewed provided all 5-star ratings, across the following dimensions: quality of service, schedule, cost, willingness to recommend to others, and overall. The interviews were independently conducted by ratings and reviews site, Clutch.

The full lengths reviews are available on our profile found on Clutch, but below is a preview of the feedback. The clients interviewed represent some of our latest start-up development work, enabling businesses to create MVPs to prove concepts and learn quickly directly from their respective marketplaces. Our development teams have helped these clients set a clear vision for future development in a cost-effective environment.

If you’re unsure what a reasonable cost for your app idea is, like our client Zoltan, than you may be interested in our article on app costs. If you read Zoltan’s review, you’ll see that the discovery process was critical to our shared vision for his vision and what to budget for development.

The project summarized below has been a great partnership encompassing several platforms and technologies.

The client who provided the following review (and wished to remain anonymous) said of their work with us that, “when I email Binariks a question, they will get back to me in a short period of time, which I value more than anything, to be honest. They also deliver on the technical side.” Well, thank you! We’re glad to have earned your trust.

Finally, we should these clients and all of our clients that chose to work with us. Through the reviews, we also get to hear indirectly how to improve our services – what matters most to our clients and things that may not have been apparent from our perspective. We’re appreciative of all feedback, but especially these five-star reviews! If you’re interested, you can learn more about the interview process and we were evaluated by checking out Clutch.