Mobile App Development: What It Is All About

Mobile applications are becoming the critical part of humanity existence. We experience the real boost of this branch – developers all around the world struggle to provide their clients with the best services possible. A good app can facilitate any aspect of your daily routine. To launch an excellent product, you should go through various stages and manage hundreds of different tasks. Indeed, this is super hard to deal with all the problems at the same time, which causes deployment troubles.

Of course, any team attempts to develop a perfect app that would gain popularity and bring revenue. To succeed, you should completely understand the process of development. So what are the core principles for creating a significant product? In the current article, we managed to gather the very basic information. We will have a look at:

  • the entire back-end and front-end processes of mobile app development
  • how much it costs to build a successful app comprising multiple features
  • the per hour rate for Android and iOS app development throughout the world
  • the latest trends and the upcoming perspectives of mobile app development

Insight into the industry

Let’s now start with some figures. To develop a successful mobile application, you’d better define the terms and resources first.

  • 1. The back-end process normally takes you almost 10 weeks, while building the front-end requires around 8 weeks. Hence, you will spend up to 18 weeks on developing a standard native mobile app.
  • 2. In fact, the process of building an app takes the same amount of time as to produce 168 normal cars or 3 concrete pools.

Getting started

Your next step should be goal setting. The main question is: why exactly do you create this app? Define your mission or you will quickly lose the track.

Then, your team gets to wireframe creation – prototype or mockup that would encompass all your ideas and features to add.

The back-end app development

Includes the following steps:

  • 1. The back-end structure defining. In the very beginning, your job is to set this up and create a building block of your future application.
  • 2. User management. This involves organizing user accounts and authenticating those.
  • 3. A server side logic development. It is necessary to create the app’s back-end.
  • 4. The user experience customization. This defines how exactly a user runs your application.
  • 5. Data integration. Your customers will be able to access and share data throughout the Internet.
  • 6. Push notification service development. This is aimed at engaging users with the app.

The front-end app development

Comprises the steps like:

    • 1. Data caching. You create the local data storages which make the app run speedier.
    • 2. The app data synchronization. It implies bringing the entire data together to make it accessible offline.
    • 3. Mock-ups and wire-framing development. This clarifies the picture of the UI.
    • 4. Working out the user interface. You design the UI and translate it into the functioning UI to be applied to the app.
    • 5. Improving the user interface. Now, you test the UI and fix its weak points if needed.
    • 6. Testing. You should test out the app in order to remove all possible bugs. As a result, you will get a flawless product.
    • 7. Deployment. After the testing is done, it’s ready for distribution.

Calculating the time

The number of hours you’re gonna spend actually depends on an app type. This totals:

      • 300 hours for a simple app
      • 400-600 hours for a moderate app
      • 600-900 hours for a multifaceted app
      • over 900 hours for a highly multifaceted app

Per hour rate explained

Development of a mobile app for Android will cost you:

      • $100-225 in North America
        An average price totals $168
      • $21-107 in South America
        An average price totals $34
      • $32-167 in the United Kingdom
        An average price totals $70
      • $20-97 in Eastern Europe
        An average price totals $35
      • $8-80 in India
        An average price totals $26
      • $32-142 in Australia
        An average price totals $110

On the other hand, to develop an iOS app, you will need:

      • $100-250 in North America
        An average price totals $150
      • $24-120 in South America
        An average price totals $43
      • $37-175 in the United Kingdom
        An average price totals $70
      • $23-110 in Eastern Europe
        An average price totals $35
      • $10-77 in India
        An average price totals $30
      • $35-150 in Australia
        An average price totals $110

Total cost of development

The sum you will spend on creating your mobile app is determined by such factors, as its features, per hour rate, and expertise.

Likewise, it depends on the app complexity:

      • $3 000-8 000 for a simple app
      • $50 000-150 000 for a multifaceted app
      • $10 000-250 000 for a gaming app

Mobile app revenue

In 2012, the global amount of mobile app revenues was $18,56 billion. For 2017, this sum is supposed to raise to $76,52 billion.

Apps available

Before 2016, there used to be 1,6 million apps available in Android and 1,5 million apps available in iOS. Today, the speed of mobile app development has increased so there are already 2 million apps provided by each store.

What to expect from this industry in the future?

      • Since 2015, enterprise mobile apps and enterprise micro apps have becoming more profitable. This tendency will continue growing.
      • Context and predictive apps will become our new buzzwords.
      • There will be more contextual services coming out and flopping.
      • The popularity of indoor location services will continue rising.
      • Voice will become the most widespread UI.
      • Native mobile apps will hold the leading position on the market.
      • Mobile customer care becomes obligatory.
      • In the USA, there are still no strict regulations for mobile payment.
      • We will experience the boost in confidence-based security.
      • Despite there’s no clear definition for IoT, it has the huge potential.

So this was the basic information you should keep in mind to easily make your business ideas real. Now, you have the comprehensive vision of how mobile application development works – take this advantage and get to working!