Helpful Angular 2 Open Source Projects

Today, there’s no better solution for building mobile and web apps than JavaScript, and you have AngularJS to thank for that. Since Angular 2 introduction, coding has become both easier and more convenient. In case you’re planning to switch to this platform, these 5 open source projects will help you get to know it a bit closer.

Why projects on Angular are so popular

There are hundreds of open source Angular.JS 2 projects online that gained popularity among thousands of users and developers, and here’s why:

High Performance

Angular 2 is perfectly optimized, so all the apps built on it load pretty fast. Thanks to the component router, the platform runs much smoother. The platform’s core was stripped of unimportant modules, which greatly improves performance.

Less effort

Angular 2-based projects are highly effective and mostly bug-free, but at the same time, they are easy to code and edit.

Huge fan base

The popularity of open source Angular 2 projects is at its peak because of the platform’s community. No matter what role users play in developing the app, they’re always ready to share a couple of tips and tricks to improve it. They write books and guides available online for free. When you choose to work with projects based on Angular, you can be sure that its community will help you deal with any potential problem you may face during the development stage.

Educational value

Such projects are a great source of inspiration and new information for those, who write their own apps. Even if you consider yourself a pro, you’ll still learn something new.

Benefits of using Angular 2

Below are just some main advantages of using Angular 2 for your project. If you’re still considering switching to this platform, our list will probably help you make a decision.

It’s great for mobile apps 

Previous AngularJS versions weren’t aimed at factors, responsible for mobility. The newest version of this platform is all about mobile-specific trajectories users were asking for. It can boast a number of performance-based features, including more optimized memory usage, touch-based controllers, as well as performance tuning. And since the platform began dealing with mobile app development bugs, it also became more efficient as a solution for desktop apps.

Two-way data binding

The efficiency of the majority of Angular.JS 2 open source projects is partially based on two-way data binding: no matter what changes you make to the user interface, they instantly affect app objects and vice versa. As for web apps, this platform keeps track of browser and user activity on the page, updating the necessary patterns when needed. At the same time, you don’t need to save links to DOM elements and interact with them.

User-friendly experience 

If you’re familiar with the previous version of the platform, you already know that it wasn’t that convenient. It was pretty hard to master it. Angular 2 was developed with users’ complains in mind, so it offers more user-friendly experience.

Flexible platform 

If you need a more agile framework, you just found one. Its codebase is a lot simpler to work with because it’s more convenient than that of its previous version. And the more compact the codebase is, the more flexible the platform becomes. And dozens of amazing open source Angular.JS 2 projects can prove it.

Component-based development

A component is an independent software unit you can combine with other components to make a software system. Soon, all web development will be focused on component-based development, so it’s no wonder why Angular 2 already includes this feature. Using the first version of the platform, you have to write an entire stack with Angular, while Angular 2 offers separation of components, which allows for segmentation within your app’s code to be written independently.

Best helpful Angular.JS 2 open source projects

Here’s the list of best Angular.JS 2 open source projects. Feel free to tinker them.

YouTube Echoes player

Developed by Oren Farhi, this app is a decent YouTube player that makes watching videos a bit easier and fun. What makes this player interesting is the idea of turning the world-famous video-sharing website into a music player with the help of Angular 2. The app still needs a lot of coding to look like a finished product. So you can use it as the opportunity to see how Angular 2 works in detail.


This app is a communication tool that offers a high level of security to users with different technical skills. At the moment, Cyph offers such features, as video calling and file transfers. The apps major advantage over similar services is that it can be run in the browser. It’s another great example of an opens source product built on Angular 2.


Augury is a Chrome extension that makes it easier to debug and profile other Angular 2 apps. This open source project was developed by Google. With Augury, you can easily access details about router and component trees, as well as component class properties.

As we mentioned above, Angular 2 apps are component-based, which means that they require nesting. When nesting the app’s components, it creates a tree structure. In case you need to get acquainted with some components’ properties, getting the info from the code can be a bit difficult. That’s where Augury comes in. It helps you get the info you need by selecting the required component from the convenient console.


Yatrum is an app for sharing stories about journeys, travel guides, and so on. So basically, it’s the product for travelers. Right now, the app is in production.


This one is an application that allows devs to discuss and rate best projects using Angular.JS 2. If you want to become a part of a truly helpful project, download AngularHunt and see if you can contribute to it.

Bottom line

These are only five Angular 2 open source apps that are worth your attention. Despite being unable to provide decent functionality (yet), they can become a great training ground for beginners.