Choosing the Right Technology Partner for your Digital Healthcare Project: A Checklist

With growing attention to the domain of healthcare, one can indicate a significant boost in the development of telehealth apps. Indeed, the launch of a successful healthcare application can bring your organization many benefits. The lack of technology expertise may disrupt your plans, but it is when an experienced technology partner comes into action. Choosing a proper software engineering organization that will facilitate your healthcare project may be a really challenging task. You have to focus on multiple factors in order to make sure that your idea will be implemented without any flaws. We provide a checklist of points you should consider while seeking a technology partner for a truly ambitious healthcare project.

Check for conformity with your requirements

Make sure to create a checklist of main requirements for your project. The main points you have to determine in advance:

  • scalability of your application;
  • basic set of functionalities for your software;
  • essential technology demands;
  • basic estimates on cost requirements and budget limits;
  • the extent of ownership you are ready to offer to your partner
  • security and confidentiality of your project.

Once such a checklist is prepared, make sure that your potential partner gets familiar with all its points and accepts them. It will secure you from inconsistencies in future cooperation.

Focus on security guarantees

The domain of digital healthcare is shaped by multiple security regulations that can make a provider of medical services liable for the failure to grant its customers security of their private health information. You have to consider whether your potential partner:

  • understands basic HIPAA compliance principles;
  • conforms with other healthcare security regulations, such as the HITECH Act and HITRUST;
  • has credible certifications assuring its adherence to the essential security standards, such as ISO;
  • grants strict adherence to your NDA requirements;
  • provides relevant security management practices and data encryption.

Consider QA Services

Even a minor mistake can lead providers of healthcare software to significant problems, including legal issues. A dependable technology partner will offer you quality assurance services to make sure that your product is devoid of bugs and inconsistencies. Top-quality software engineering companies will review multiple aspects of you app, including the following:

  • code consistency;
  • overall stability of an application and its performance;
  • adequate performance of all functionalities;
  • database security;
    compliance with established software quality standards and requirements.

Rely on expertise

A recent survey shows that 63% of people receiving healthcare services think that health results are not the most important factor determining their choice of a healthcare provider. A top-quality healthcare application has to move beyond its main functionalities and provide remarkable user experience.

A technology partner with solid domain expertise can deliver a wholesome product that brings more than the basic software functionalities. The right choice is an organization that operates with a broad technological stack, shows clear understanding of your needs and requirements, and has a proven record of successful projects in the healthcare industry.

Evaluate cultural and ethical fit

Cultural and ethical fit are the points that are often overlooked by organizations seeking a reliable healthcare technology partner. Well, as long as ethics takes a vital role in the domain of medicine, such mistakes should be avoided. While choosing a partner, make sure to check whether:

  • your vision and mission fit each other;
  • you both have common understanding of project and its goals;
  • the partner understands and accepts all your requirements;
  • partners you are going to work with are not just ordinary ‘yes-people’ but are ready to ‘dive into your project.’

Usually, the best way to determine whether you and your potential partner fit each other is contacting them for a preliminary communication. It will allow you to determine the basic aspects of their approach and understand whether this company is a suitable choice for you.

Mind long-term cooperation

In most cases, a healthcare software project does not end with the release of an application. Sustaining it and making the user base of your product grow may be not less challenging than the initial design of an app.

You will feel much more confident while relying on the same technology experts that have worked on the active phase of your product. Do not hesitate to specify whether such a company is ready for long-term cooperation and will be able to offer your support and maintenance services on demand.

Cherish proactiveness

A good technology partner will develop a product with a strict adherence to all your requirements. An excellent partner will take ownership of your project in order to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. The ability to take ownership includes:

  • suggesting the most appropriate technology stack for your project;
  • enforcing your project with innovative ideas;
  • anticipating and mitigating diverse challenges; expanding the functionalities of your software;
  • being open for a constructive discussion and collaboration.

In conclusion

Finding a dependable software engineering company that will assist you in developing a telehealth app may be a challenging task. It requires considering multiple features of your potential partner and their approach. We have provided the checklist of the most significant factors you have to take into account to establish a productive partnership that will bring you a competitive edge in the telehealth industry.

Binariks is an experienced technology partner that helps businesses from the healthcare industry achieve technology excellence. We grant you conformity with all your requirements, focus on security and confidentiality, and provide QA services on demand. We also have a solid expertise in the technology domain, are always open for communication, offer multiple engagement formats, and are ready to take ownership of your project. Interested in knowing more about our expertise? Make sure to check out our portfolio for information on our healthcare projects. Contact us to discuss the implications of your project and make sure that we are ready to become your technology partner that makes the difference.