Google firebase development


Firebase is a web and mobile application development platform, which provides the developers with a variety of services and tools helping them develop high-quality applications, earn more profit, and increase their user base. As a result, there is no more need to manage servers. Also, you do not have to write APIs. Firebase becomes your server, your datastore, and your API. They are written very generically so that you are able to modify it to solve more problems and suit more needs with a help of google firebase development services.

Advantages of Google firebase development

The Google firebase development company gives many opportunities to develop and create high-quality apps. The operations, internal features, functions make application development a unique affair. Have a look at some of the cutting edge features which are able to make your job easier than it has ever been:
– Remote configuration;
– Authentication;
– Storage;
– Crash reporting;
– Cloud messaging;
– Real-time database;
– Test Lab;
– Hosting solutions.
All these features assist you to make few needed steps. You are able to integrate and add important data in real time that improves your application’s functionality to a greater extent.

Google firebase development process

Firebase provides you with functionality like databases, analytics, messaging, and crash reporting. Hence, you will be able to move fast and concentrate on your users. Firebase is grounded on Google infrastructure and it scales automatically, even for the hugest applications. This is one platform that has products, which work better together.

Why Binariks?

1. Binariks establish partnerships with its clients across various departments and at all the organization levels.
2. It treats customer’s projects as its own projects.
3. The organization is lean with a flat structure and properly optimized processes.
4. The team is always innovative and thinks globally.
5. It is a reliable partner that helps its customers to build their successful careers.
6. They attract the best talents on the market.
7. Binariks chooses the best pricing model depending on the work type, level of control, and scope required.

Services you get

If you hire this google firebase developer, you will get such services as:
– Mobile Development;
– Web Development;
– Quality Management;
– Operation maintenance and support and DevOps;
– BI and Big Data solutions.
Binariks partnered with various organizations,  both: startups and big enterprises, and helped them achieve business success through improvement of operation efficiency, creating modernizing and new existing products.

Our works/portfolio

Binariks is a proper google firebase developer for hire. They have a long history of works. For example, among their projects were:
OneTouch. This is a cloud-based mobile SaaS and web platform used for construction industry businesses.
Outpost. It is a highly customizable cloud-based tool, which contains an innovative set of modules for efficient tracking of Contacts & Clients Sales Leads.
Tempry. This is an interesting social network application that replicates real life with more accuracy.


All in all, with all these amazing benefits, Google’s Firebase is able to be called the best option for business application development. You will definitely want your business to grow, therefore, this will be a reason to utilize this incredible framework.