Binariks Becomes a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner in Application Development

Binariks is delighted to share the news about our recently obtained Silver Microsoft competency. In February of 2020, our team moved to the next level of cooperation with Microsoft and gained expanded access to top-notch software development services. Now, we are proud to be among 5% of top Microsoft partners worldwide. 


Binariks’ engineers have successfully passed exams in the Web and Mobile Client App Dev focus area, having proven our capability to develop complex software solutions. With this step, we restated our expertise in JS, CSS3, C#, and other leading web/mobile technologies.

What Does it Mean to be Microsoft Silver Certified?

Silver Microsoft competency is a certification provided by Microsoft to companies that show the highest level of theoretical and practical knowledge in a specific field. The certification options comprise four main competencies, including App and Infrastructure, Business Applications, Data and AI, and Modern Workspace. Each competency is subdivided into focus areas allowing to define the strengths of every Microsoft partner more precisely.


As a company with powerful .NET, Java, iOS, Android, and Angular technological stacks, Binariks has an impressive track record of successful web and mobile projects. That’s why we decided to pursue the Silver Application Development Competency with the Web and Mobile Client App Dev focus.


This type of partnership compliance is verified with exams in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3, C#, or ASP.NET MVC Web Applications. Binariks’ software engineers have passed Microsoft’s examination to qualify for the Silver Microsoft competency and open new opportunities for Binariks as a software development provider.


Thanks to the dedication of Binariks’ team, now our company can fully benefit from the advantages of being a Silver Microsoft partner, including:

  • Access to advanced Microsoft products and services
  • Free software licenses
  • Full package of business guidance and training
  • Opportunity to use Microsoft support 24/7 for continuous help and smooth development process
  • Participation in the network of 60K application builder partners around the globe
  • Ability to contribute to one of 100 Microsoft Innovation Centers


Apart from that, with Silver certification, Binariks gets the most essential thing in the software development industry – agility and updated knowledge. This partnership helps us minimize any development bottlenecks and deliver innovative web and mobile applications.

The Benefits of our Silver Microsoft Partnership for Clients

The title of Silver Microsoft Partner doesn’t only acknowledge the achievements of Binariks as a software development provider. This seal of excellence also allows the company to advance its customer service and tech solutions with the following leverages.


Guaranteed quality of software development.

It takes substantial expertise to become a Silver Microsoft partner. That’s why our application development competency is a guarantee that Binariks’ team is highly skilled in web and mobile apps. Regular training and access to the latest Microsoft-powered innovations additionally contribute to the quality of delivered solutions.


Access to the resources and services provided by Microsoft.

The Application Development Competency allows Binariks to publish the developed apps to Windows and Windows Phone stores. This enables our clients to extend the network for promoting and selling their web and mobile applications. With Windows marketplaces, they will be able to increase the visibility of the deployed products and generate additional income. Besides, the Silver Microsoft competency opens access to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, where software companies can purchase or sell premium data sets and SaaD apps. Among other things, thanks to the partnership with Microsoft, Binariks also gets access to Microsoft Go-To-Market Services.


Reduced delivery time of products based on Microsoft solutions.

Thanks to extended support from Microsoft and the relevant expertise, Binariks can deliver web and mobile apps with maximum agility. This gives our clients a competitive advantage in the rapidly growing global market.


Why is the Silver Microsoft Partnership so Valuable for Binariks?


The Silver Microsoft Partnership in Application Development has been one of our primary goals for this year. By obtaining it in February, Binariks received a global recognition of our software development expertise. We are also excited to have access to Microsoft training and resources that help our engineers to continue their professional growth. Most importantly, the backup and guidance of the tech industry leader allow Binariks to continuously improve the quality of our software development services for our clients.


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