Best Examples of Angular JS Apps


Every day thousands…sorry, millions of users perform simple manipulations with a keyboard and mouse within a scope of interaction with a PC or a mobile device. At the same time, most of them have no clear understanding what is behind the stage of all actions associated with web applications. Still, it is better to know by sight the technology that is widely deployed for building single-page apps, as well as websites.

What is Angular.JS?

As you can understand from the name of the publication, here you will learn the top apps developed with AngularJS. Hence, we should discover the essence of the mentioned tool at first. The world of computer engineers is overfilled with multiple frameworks, programming languages and other tools for creating decent and effective software products. The tool described in the present publication should be considered from the end of its name. Letters J and S refer to JavaScript that throws light on the basis of the tech. Another world-known name to be mentioned is Google. In fact, almost everything in a digital world created under the patronage of the said company determines a special importance and significance for a particular field. In our case, the best mobile AngularJS apps to be described below will prove the effectiveness and feasibility of using the framework as a package solution for building frontend-based apps. Do you have any doubts? Let’s have a look at peculiarities of using the tool in practice.

Features and benefits of Angular.JS apps building

The framework supports the so-called MVC architecture that can be found in rich web apps. However, splitting an app into MVC components with a further management of the rest of the process significantly facilitates an engineer’s work. Such approach allows a parallel development.

Another impressive feature of AJS is the two-way data binding. Synchronization between the DOM and the model is handled efficiently at the data movement between model and view. It means that any change will reflect in both of them.

Other features such as templates use, (show information from model and controller), POJO models, convenient testing, improved server performance and others deserved a special attention and a deeper consideration. However, we thrust into the spotlight of the best AngularJS apps examples. So, let’s take the engineering stuff away and be in a regular consumer’s shoes.

Top 10 apps developed with Angular.JS

It turned out really difficult to choose what app should open our list of the best products created using the mentioned framework. The difficulty lies in multiple world-known brands and companies opted for Angular. On that account, we dismissed any hesitations and decided to do the list in alphabetical order. F opens the parade.


Can you imagine the modern world of outsourcing without the mentioned service? I bet you can’t. Therefore, the top applications developed with AngularJS according to the set terms begins with Freelancer. More than 16 Mio registered users are the major metric to show the popularity of the website among both employers and employees. In short, it is a place where an idea can find means to be implemented.

Gmail App

Remember that at the beginning of the publication, the daily use of AJS product was mentioned. In fact, Gmail was in focus since this email service enjoys an immense popularity. Besides, it is a classic single-page app. The framework enables such activities as writing/reading an email, switching to the new tab and others within a single page via a dynamic update.


Currently, you may find a lot of social movie review platforms filled with versatile options associated with movies. We cannot explain why GoodFilms came into view. Perhaps, its unique graphical representation or attracting features touched us, who knows? The fact is that AngularJS is an essential part of this mobile app.


Another huge corporation can boast of one of the best apps built with AngularJS. IBM opted for the tool to save traditional UX between web and mobile versions of its MobileFirst Platform Foundation. You might have encountered it under the name of IBM Worklight as well.


If you know a person who has never heard about this Danish company involved with manufacturing plastic construction toys, I suppose you should make a documentary about him. The story of the Lego website began in 1996. Now, at the lapse of more than 20 years, the company opted for Angular technology, which, as an example, offers the website visitors to create own interactive poster on Star Wars theme. The product definitely deserves to be called one of the best AngularJS apps.


Do you need a special description of this internet streaming media service? If you do, find that I-don’t-know-Lego person and hurry up to catch the modern era trends. Of course, it is only a joke. Hence, using the framework for the Netflix web app is an absolutely serious thing. So, the Google’s child can boast of another great name among its customers.


The name of this service has also become a household name. Moreover, PayPal is usually associated with high-end and state-of-the-art innovations in versatile fields and markets. The first meeting of AngularJS with this brand name took place in 2014 when the Checkout System was rebuilt using the framework. The technology has proved its effectiveness and deserved a promotion to a web app.

The Guardian

Naturally, we cannot say that it is the best app developed with AngularJS. At the same time, it is a questionable one. Every day the online version of the British publication deals with thousands of images added to CMS, as well as an immense flow of readers. As a result, an app called Grid to manage images was developed…and where is Angular? Do not worry, the Grid app is working with the major character of the present publication.


Another online service to get employers in touch with job seekers has opted for the framework. But, why Angular? Every year, Upwork, which can boast of the title of the largest outsourcing services, deals with more than 10 million registered job seekers and several millions of jobs posted. The interaction inside the platform is handled through the messenger. Certainly, AngularJS is the basis for the messenger and other components of the website.

YouTube for PS3

The icing on the cake is represented by YouTube. Still, do not hurry up to be surprised that the biggest online video service is built with the mentioned technology. In fact, AJS was used to implement the version of the website on Sony PS3. We can say that AngularJS has conquered new horizons. Anyway, such fact of the framework’s experience deserves to be mentioned.


Some computer engineers may claim that the described took is a revised version of HTML for building web applications. Its features can be adjusted to multiple requirements. The best AngularJS app examples shown above demonstrate the power and efficiency of the framework in terms of versatile demands and technological solutions. Perhaps, it is the tool you have been looking for to implement your ideas. So, you are welcome to give a try.