Angular.js Hosting Services For Your App

Finding a good hosting service can be a real pain in the neck. The number of companies providing the services is so big nowadays, it’s really hard to choose. And, the differences in the hosting packages might be big. Depending on how much control, space, or security you need, the packages can be completely free or cost a few hundred dollars. But, it will be much easier to choose a proper option for your business if you know what you are looking for. If you are developing an application, you might consider building it with Angular.js. Then you just need to find the best Angular.js hosting for your app.

Reasons To Use Angular.js For App Development

One of the main problems you face while developing an app is that various platforms expect different languages. And it’s not that easy to find someone who will know all of them perfectly. At the same time, hiring several teams to expand to various platforms might be very costly. That’s where Angular.js comes in as a great solution. It can be used across various platforms as it’s possible to reuse the code.

Angular.js is a JavaScript-based framework. It was launched by Google back in 2009 and since then gained a lot of popularity among developers. It’s mainly used for small-sized applications on iOS, Android, as well as web applications. There are quite a few famous examples, like Youtube, Upwork, LinkedIn, Netflix, and so on. All these applications are built using Angular. There are plenty of reasons why people choose this framework for their business. Let’s look at some of them and see where you can host your Angularjs app.

  • The code is understandable and maintainable. So, there is no much effort involved even if you have to change the team halfway through. Additionally, the pool of developers, who are familiar with Angular is quite big. This allows you to choose a developer or a team who will fit your requirements and budget.
  • The framework is customizable, which gives you more opportunities for making the app look unique. This also allows developers not to utilize all the libraries at the same time, but to add the required features when needed.
  • Angular allows for an easy testing. As the data model, code logic, and UI are separated, it’s easier to test separate parts without affecting others. And, since the logic can be reused on various platforms, while the UI is customizable in ways required for any platform. Besides, this allows saving time and money on the development.

The ready solutions available with the framework are also a huge help in development. They make the process fast and easy, reduce the costs, and the effort required to build and test the product.

Best Hosting Services For Angular.js

Once you decided to use Angular for the development of your application, you need to find a place to land your product. And there are quite a few possibilities for hosting Angularjs app. Depending on the size of your application and the features required, you can choose from a few options. The features for each provider or package will differ, and you might want to consult with your development team if you are having a hard time to choose.

Paid Services

  • A2 Hosting is one of the most well-known providers for the framework. The prices for the packages vary from $3.92 per month for the Lite package up to $9.31 per month for the Turbo one. While the Lite package only allows you to host one website, it still provides you access to the cPanel, unlimited storage and transfer, SSL Certificate, and SSD. The Turbo package gives an opportunity for an unlimited number of websites, with unlimited databases and a faster performance. A2 Hosting has been in business for over 10 years and is fairly in the list of best Angular.js hosting providers. The service is cheap and efficient but might not be exactly sufficient for a big application.
  • Firebase is a company which deals with the development of applications as well as with hosting them. They have two paid plans: Flame Plan coming with a fixed payment of $25 per month, and the Blaze Plan with the pay-as-you-go option. The prices are considerably higher than A2, but only because they include many more services besides the hosting. With the Flame plan, you get 50GB of general storage, 20GB of monthly bandwidth, 10GB of hosting storage. The ability to use multiple databases for a project or Google Cloud is, however, not included. With the Blaze plan, the price for general and hosting storage is $0.026/GB and the bandwidth is paid by the Google Cloud pricing. While the service is extremely attractive with all the options offered, it might be just a bit too much if you just need a place to land.
  • Docker provides an end-to-end platform for hosting your application. As well, as Firebase, their services include much more than just a hosting space. Besides hosting an Angularjs application with them, you will also get digital authentication and security scanning of the images in your application, deployment of the application with governance and policy-based controls, certified plugins and much more. There are no particular prices for the Enterprise version, but it provides a free trial and if you like it, you can request a quote on the website. As well as Firebase, the number of services and the quality are extremely attractive but might be too much if you are just looking for a place to put your ready content.
  • Amazon Web Services provide cloud hosting for many things. If you are looking for a flexible and customizable Angular.js hosting services for your app, AWS might be just a place to go. You can use the pay-as-you-go plan to only pay for the services you are using, the Save When You Reserve plan to pay upfront for some space and have it available at hand in future, or the “Pay less by using more” plan for getting a discount the more space you purchase.

The definite advantage of the AWS is the possibility to customize it and the big number of other services available. However, the service is not very cheap, you might be paying around $1000 yearly.

Free Services

  • Firebase. Surprised to see it again. Well, these guys have a free package. And, it’s not just a trial, you can use it for as long as you need. Space and options provided with the free package are considerably less than for the paid ones. Nevertheless, it might be quite sufficient for a small application. The plan only gives you 5GB of general storage and 1GB of the hosting storage. Yet, it also covers an SSL certificate and custom domain. The obvious advantage is, of course, no costs included. The provided space, however, does not allow for hosting a bigger application.
  • Docker. And, yes, here we go again. Docker also has a Community package which is available for free. The free version of the service definitely gets less support and feature availability. But it’s cost-free and quite enough for a start.
  • Heroku. These guys have a free cloud hosting option for your application. They have custom domain option and the package comes with 550-1000 dyno hours depending on if your account has been verified or not. The package, however, has one major drawback, it becomes inactive after 30 minutes.
  • RedHat OpenShift is considered one of the best free Angular.js hosting platforms. The reason is easy to spot, it has been created specifically for Node.js and JavaScript. The free features include 1GB storage per gear, a shared SSL, custom domains, support center and some more. However, you can only host up to three applications for free.

What To Look For When Choosing a Good Hosting?

The answer to this question will always depend on the requirements of your project as well as your budget. The best web hosting for Angular.js will be the one that is supplying you with enough space and that the expansion is possible in future if your app grows bigger. Another thing to pay attention to is the security of the servers. You have to make sure, the information is well protected. Customization might be one more feature to attend to. It might be much comfier for you to deal with hosting if you can fit it to your needs.

How To Choose Best Hosting For Your App?

When you think about where to host Angular.js applications, one of the main things might be the compatibility with the framework. The hosting services created by the community might look like a great fit as they were built with a certain concept in mind. However, you should consider a possibility of expanding or if you are going to build any other applications in other languages. In this case, the specialized platform might not be the best choice. Perhaps, the best way is to consult your development team about the possibilities.


It is hard to distinguish which is the best hosting for an Angular.js app right away. You need to look into the options, consider the possibilities of further extension, the needs of your project, and your budget. Once you decide on those things, you can decide further on the features required for your app hosting and go through reviews of the hosting providers. You might even want to try a few to see things for yourself. After a while, you will find the best option for your business.